Creat Studio’s New PSN Game Lands Tomorrow

Creat Studios today announced the release of Digger HD for the PlayStation® Network. Digger HD will be available for download on the PS3 via Sony’s PlayStation Network on October 1st in North America and October 8th in Europe. Digger HD, a remake of the classic PC game, Digger™, from the early 80s, has received a major facelift for the new millennium, while staying true to its classic gameplay. Players control a little construction vehicle that must make its way through an underground maze. Gamers dig through the dirt horizontally and vertically to create their own path while collecting power-ups, jewels, coins and other bonuses while avoiding the pursuing monsters.


“It’s thrilling to see such a great game like Digger™ come back with a 21st Century makeover,” said Jo-Anne Kempe, president, Windmill Software Inc., and co-creator of Digger™. “We’re excited about the PSN platform, allowing Digger HD to be discovered and enjoyed by a whole new generation of gamers.”  I’m all for retro games, and Digger HD looks like being a great update and it’s always nice to get surprises like this just a day or two before the release date. “We are very pleased to bring another quality title to PlayStation® Network,” said Vladimir Starzhevsky, CEO of Creat Studios. “Gamers of all ages will be thrilled to discover our update to the classic video game experience with Digger HD.”

Digger HD for PlayStation Network features:

  • Dynamic action. Make your way through 60 levels of underground mazes where there is something behind every corner, be it a monster, a bonus or a bag of falling gold.
  • Hidden discoveries. Uncover archaeological artifacts and paleontological remains buried beneath the surface.
  • Secret trophies. Collect all the trophies and figure out how to achieve the secret ones. Are you up for the challenge?
  • Old school style. Vintage Mode allows you to play Digger™ in its old school glory: original mechanics and levels – even the original graphics and sounds!
  • Modern Music. The playful, cutting-edge techno score features original tracks from up-and-coming artists Candie Hank, Gangpol & Mit, and GMG.