Crackdown 2 Footage

There is one game/franchise that makes me miss my 360 more than any other: Crackdown. The game, in my opinion, was superb. Super-human law enforcers with the ability to jump buildings in a single leap, throw cars and skips and drive some meaty vehicles. I truly loved this game, right down to the small details such as the ground cracking upon landing from a particularly high jump. Now it’s time for Crackdown 2.

Footage from TGS of this awesome game shows us that there have been some massive additions to the latest installment, not least of all… Zombies! Well, this game just instantly became even greater.

But watching this footage, I am seriously impressed with some of the new weapons that Real Worlds are offering, in particular the ability to ‘string’ objects together and then hang them from anywhere you choose, effectively creating a bridge to traverse gaps that maybe your yet-to-be ugraded warrior can’t jump. This certainly would have saved me from dying a huge number of times whilst I attempted to scale the tallest buildings from the very start of the game.

Anyway, enough of me babbling, take a look for yourselves. I’m off to eat some fried chicken. I don’t know why but I have a sudden craving for it!