Dead Space 2 Confirmed

Dead Space is getting a limb-lopping sequel confirmed today by a posting on LinkedIn in which the team are looking for a ‘Lead Combat Designer’. The advert gives a few juicy details: The game is coming to both Xbox and PS3 and is already in the later stages of pre-production, going in to production within the next few months. ‘Many of the navigational and combat mechanics’ are in place. The ad also tells us EA are 100% comitted to Dead Space 2 and are leaving Visceral Games to design and plan the game as they see fit. Dead Space 2 will be “M” rated so the violence and gore will not be toned down.

The orginal Dead Space was critically acclaimed wining numerous awards for  gameplay, graphics and sound design but sales suffered as it was lost in the Christmas rush last year. It’s excellent news to hear EA have faith in the I.P. despite the low(-ish) sales.

Source : LinkedIn