PSP Gets Firmware 6.10

Just switched on my PSP this morning to check out the Store and was prompted to update the system software to 6.10 – seems like this is a fairly major one in terms of preparation, adding the cool SensMe music application that uses Sony’s “proprietary 12 Tone Analysis technology” to work out what music you’ve got on your PSP by listening to various bits of the tune, and then adds them into various categories such as “Relax” or “Newly Added”, although the latter doesn’t really require that much Tone Analysis in my opinion.

Also updated is Media Go – you’ll need to fire up your PC and update the cool bit of software to 1.2, which now sports a lovely new look and also enables you to import media playlists onto your PSP.  Finally, system software 6.10 allows the ability to use a Bluetooth mobile device (such as mobile phone) as a wifi hotspot for your PSP – massively cool and means that you no longer need to be near a proper wifi signal, you just need to have a decent enough cell signal for your phone to be able to browse the Store and play online.