Bayonetta Demo Hits JP Store Next week

Obviously we know that SEGA’s Bayonetta is being released in 2010 throughout the west, but the title is actually being released at the end of this month in Japan and SEGA have today announced they are releasing the demo on the PSN Store and Xbox Marketplace in Japan next week. Both demos will offer a tutorial and Metropolis stage however the Xbox 360 demo will also feature the Falling Clock Tower stage, which if Internet chatter is to be believed runs quite poorly on the PS3 with noticeable frame rate issues and looks ‘very blurry’.

The games developer’s PlatinumGames would like to make it clear that “The Xbox 360 and PS3, as hardware platforms, both have their own distinct differences and peculiarities, and these characteristics will naturally give birth to differences in the final product. However, all involved endeavoured to exploit the specific traits of each console to create an enjoyable experience. We feel the best way to evaluate this is by actually playing the game for yourself and coming to your own conclusions.”


Although the reported omission of one of the levels in the PS3 demo may lead people to draw a different conclusion to that intended by the developers.  We’ll see next week, eh?