Gran Turismo 5: Rumoured Info From Japan

Here’s a disclaimer for you: all or none of this could turn out to be true, but we’ve had an email from a reader we trust who’s had some info from a bloke who knows this man who’s a friend of a mate in Japan. Seriously. This mate? He says he knows stuff about Gran Turismo 5, and via a complicated series of Chinese Whispers and a certain amount of interpretation we’ve managed to decrypt the following rumours:

  • We already know that the ’20 locations’ previously mentioned actually means 20 World locations, and not 20 different circuits, but this is new: the team are still working on adding new tracks in there which could up the number of 70 track variants to over 110.
  • Porsche fans will like this rumour: Porsche itself may be making an appearance in the final release of the game, but we won’t be losing RUF either.
  • The current number of cars mentioned (950) could be considerably higher due to the extended time they now have. No number given, but we’ve heard that the number of cars that can be imported from Gran Turismo PSP might well be limited to around a hundred.
  • The F2007 will not be the only F1-esque car in the game. No car after the 2008 season can be used due to Codemasters taking the license for them, but there’s a chance that other 2008 season teams might be making their cars available in addition to the valuable rally and NASCAR licenses we know are there.
  • The TopGear Test Track replay camera angles will simulate those seen on the TV. “Fast tyre cam FTW!” said our man.

Interesting tidbits, eh?  Well, hopes are still high for GT5, despite the delayed (whichever way you want to call it, this is a delay) 2010 release date, but just remember, that bloke who knows a man who’s a buddy of a guy in Japan? He might be wrong, so don’t get your hopes up on any of this and certainly don’t blame us if none of this comes to fruition – we’re just passing on some rumours that we thought you might like to hear about.