My Top Ten: Lesser Known Gaming Words

Gaming has its own vocabulary. Some unique to the subject matter and some purloined from elsewhere but given a gaming slant on their journey across.  However, there are a number of lesser known words in the gaming dictionary.  My research shows that these words are the same as their better known cousin, but with one minor difference; they have either one letter added or removed or altered. So, here I present my Top Ten Lesser-Known Gaming Words.

  • Implementation -> Gimplementation:
    noun: what happens when ambition overtakes development and crashes into timescales
  • Sixaxis -> Saxaxis:
    noun: a new controller for Rock Band
  • Splitscreen -> Spitscreen:
    noun: perspex board positioned between gamers to catch spittle during local multi-player
  • Retro -> Retra:
    adjective: older version of the more modern Retro
  • Emergent -> Remergent:
    adjective: a section of game code unexpectedly commented in haste
  • Patch -> Ptch:
    noun: the noise made by gamers upon seeing “Patch required” when first booting a new PS3 game
  • Original -> Origanal:
    noun: the orifice spoken from when proclaiming a game’s uniqueness
  • Fanboy -> Fanbuoy:
    noun: a floating prison for over zealous gamers
  • Platformer -> Phatformer:
    noun: games that used to be good, e.g. Sonic is a phatformer
  • Photorealistic -> Photorealistick:
    adjective: level of graphical detail aimed for when developing forest-based games

This week’s My Top Ten has been created for TheSixthAxis by Michael, who tells us the job wouldn’t have been possible without the kind assistance of Raen who helped to source some of the more obscure words.