Shadow of the Silenced MP5?

Fumito Ueda, the legendary creator of emotional, groundbreaking and engaging titles ICO and Shadow of the Colossus has told G4 that he is interested in making a First Person Shooter. No, really, he has, look:

I have an interest in making first-person games

That’s an actual quote from the actual genius who is actually making The Last Guardian. I actually copy and pasted it from the transcript of his translator’s speech on G4 just now. Cool, huh? Alright, so he might not mean a shooter per se, he might mean something similar to Mirror’s Edge but probably with better scripting and even less shooting. It’s still interesting to speculate on how these Japanese gaming legends would handle a traditionally western format.

I know it might seem strange that a game designer who is currently working on the seemingly sublime The Last Guardian is thinking of turning his attention to what many people think of as gaming’s least progressive genre but I think we might be able to file this one as A Good Thing.

Much like when Hideo Kojima stated that he was interested in “Westernising” a bit and the gaming world fell to its knees and wept, I think this initially sounds a bit worrying. Think about it though, who better to find a new twist to a stagnating genre than someone who has proven their genius in another genre?

Source: G4TV via Kotaku