PSN Goes Down, PSPgo Users Stuck

My PS3 appears to be OK, but my PSP is refusing to connect to the PlayStation Network just now, chucking an ‘80550F17’ error back each time I connect.  80550F17 is apparently code for ‘unscheduled maintenance’, meaning something’s happened that Sony weren’t expecting (or the cleaner’s pulled the plug on the server) – which whilst a minor inconvenience in the short term, for PSPgo owners the Store is the only way they can shop for new games.  As far as I can tell there’s been no advance notification anywhere on this and the official site shows the Green Light of Goodness…

Typical, really, I just got a redeem code for something rather tasty and I can’t download the damned thing.  Let’s hope this is just a short term issue and that we can all get on with browsing for all those lovely Minis.


Update: PSN now up and running again.