FIFA 10: Fastest Selling Sports Game

Okay, so we know it went to number one, we know it became the second biggest launch title in history, but the statistics keep on coming. EA have stated that FIFA 10 has now become the fastest selling sports game in history. Considering the first two facts, this isn’t exactly shocking; but here are some more figures for you.

In one week FIFA 10 has sold 1.7 million copies! Wow. More staggering than that is that there have been 10 million online matches played already with online simultaneous users peaking at 155,000. Considering I’ve heard a lot of people having online problems with FIFA, this number could have potentially been so much more. All within a week! Amazing stuff.


If you are one of the near 2 million players, then don’t forget that the Interactive FIFA World Cup 2010 has been announced. ‘Join in if you think you’re ‘ard enuff.’