Microsoft Hinting At Home-Esque Spaces

Gamestooge is reporting on a recent survey by Microsoft asking Xbox 360 owners what they thought about a PlayStation Home-esque virtual Space in which their Avatars can meet and play video games. A few names are suggested: Game Room, RetroCade, AvatArcade (nice) and RetroGame, suggesting that the coin-ops themselves would be more akin to ports of Missile Command than House Of The Dead 4, and the Atari branding certainly adds weight to that theory.


It’s a pretty nice idea, the Rare-designed Xbox 360 Avatars are already much better integrated into the Xbox Dashboard than the Home equivalent will ever be (and your Avatars carry over into various games too, complete with anything you buy) and portray a much higher sense of character than the rather dull hipster style inhabitants of Home, so it makes sense to give them more to do. If this pays off, maybe we’ll see more areas for the Avatars to wander around in and more publishers getting on board. Interesting stuff.