News Snatch: “Stealth Dogging”

nsabWell it was bound to happen eventually – a tabloid has noticed the Prestige Modern Warfare pack comes with night vision goggles. Taking journalism to new heights of sensationalism, today’s Daily Star reports

“Joy-pad junkies are rubbing their hands in anticipation and some have already admitted they will use the goggles for ‘stealth dogging’ and to spy on gay cruising spots.”


Stealth dogging? Is that what Solid Snake gets up to on his time off? Where in the world did that phrase come from? Well, it turns out The Star has found some witty comments on a VG247  message board and took them as statements of intent. The Star also quotes ‘Game Writer’ Rob Watson,

“I shudder to think of someone who may have a hard time with reality anyway donning these goggles for real mischief – or even worse.”

Worse than “real mischief”? How terrifying, quick get behind the sofa! By the way, the only ‘Rob Watson’ who has anything to do with gaming I can find is a Staff writer on the Philadelphia Enquirer. Not exactly well known voice in the gaming community, or Great Britain, or anywhere apart from Philadelphia. Great writing, Daily Star.

ns2One of the unsung gems on the PSN is heading towards everyone’s favourite portable, the PSP. Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign follows on from the PSN release and will feature two new species of Insectolyte, two sub-species and twenty new moons to defend. Other enhancements include a new “Tactical Skills” menu in addition to the “Command Skills” menu found the in the PSN version. I hope that they will tweak the difficulty level as Savage Moon makes me swear at the screen more than any other game in history as those pesky little Arachnids Insectolytes swarm past my carefully positioned towers. Perhaps games creators, Fluffy Logic, could be persuaded to create a new defence tower that fires out giant boots to squish the bugs? Whilst you wait for the PSP version, why not download free remixes of the Savage Moon music by following this linky.

ns3Right class, everyone sit down and stop chattering. Today’s lesson is “Generic Shooter 101” so can anyone tell me the first requirement for such a game? Yes, you there with your hand up, Topware Interactive.. well done, the correct is “A silly name”, much like your recently announced “Scivelation”. Would anyone care to suggest the next requirement? Anyone..? Topware Interactive you have the answer..? Correct! “Post Apocalyptical Futuristical setting” is the right answer! You have an example do you? Ah, the press release regarding Scivelation, let us take a look..

“Set in the distant future, Scivelation’s universe is a world born out of the ashes of conflict and misery. An oppressive global dictatorship, known as the Regime, has risen to power after the aftermath of the Apocalypse; aggressively seeking out and eliminating any opposition to their tyrannical government. With this capricious, dystopian reality as a backdrop, the player will take his or her place amongst the ranks of the resistance, waging war throughout the furthest reaches of the globe in this action-packed battle for freedom and survival.”

A fine example; tyrannical governments, dictatorships, misery and actual mention of the Apocalypse! Well done Topware! Now then, can anyone tell me third and final element? Anyone.. anyone apart from Topware? Anyone? No? Well then Topware, what is it..? Correct once more, “A grey and brown oppressve colour scheme” is the answer, look at that lovely depressing screenshot!


ns9And Finally.. Two gaming choices for those of you bored of generic shooters. Over in America, Walmart are to start selling games from publishers “Left Behind Games” inlcuding Left Behind: Enternal Forces. You probably haven’t heard of the game, so here are some key features :

Conduct warfare using the power of PRAYER and WORSHIP as more powerful weapons than guns. Recover ancient scriptures and witness spectacular Angelic and Demonic activity as a direct consequence of your choices. Fight against negative spiritual influences against the Antichrist and his forces.

You play as Christain Warrior, either converting heathens or smacking them round the head with a baseball bat – and then having a quick pray to absolve you of the sin. Check the video out here . If that doesn’t appeal to you then maybe the news that ‘Project Runway: The Game’ is coming in which you will be able to create your own fashions and then use the Wii Balance Board to ‘strut down the runway’ in your new designs. Oh dear.