Second Nature – Episode 22 – Abridged


This week is a bit unusual. Illness struck down one half of Second Nature with some weird bug (I assume Kris meant a virus rather than a beetle). We didn’t want to find out what would happen if we didn’t release a show this week, but we also couldn’t do one of full length. Welcome in Second Nature mini; episode 22 is shorter than normal for the primary reason that Kris’ voice was giving out and he was a few seconds away from passing out on his bed. We do cover some Batman: Arkham Asylum, Flashpoint and Critter Crunch, but a distinct lack of energy drink references or cake review shows how ill Kris was. So we hope you can make do with a shorter Second Nature for now.

To pick up this smaller than normal file, either visit iTunes, the wonders of RSS or just download the MP3 via Second Nature. The bandwidth gremlins were coughing and moaning – just like Kris – due to the unusually high number of downloads for recent shows which we really appreciate.

We do however always want to improve, so please email us at secondnaturepodcast [at] gmail [dot] com, rather than leave nasty comments on iTunes. However, if you want to provide positive or negative feedback on iTunes, make sure to get your entire family to do it as well.