Trophy World: 15/10/09


Hey folks! This week was a tad dull, but we did have a few good lists, namely Tekken 6 and DJ Hero. This week’s lists are:


Highlights of the week include Fairytale Fights, DJ Hero and Tekken 6. Fairytale Fights is a twisted spin on the fairytales you read back when you were a child. When I say twisted, I mean Little Red Riding Hood chopping enemies up, with blood everywhere. The game is rather intruiging, but I think it will be overlooked for games like Ratchet and Clank, Borderlands, and others. The trophy list is nice, and many of them offer a few laughs, which is always good. I can’t wait to try the different characters, and see them slice and dice any helpless enemies in their path. The game is coming out late this month.

Tekken 6. I’ve been waiting for a new Tekken for quite a while, since Tekken 5 only released as a PSN title for the PS3. With new characters and a Scenario Campaign mode similar to the one in Tekken 3 I believe, I can’t wait to play the game. The trophies seem very focused towards Scenario Campaign mode, then a few for online and offline. It does seem it will require a bit of grinding to achieve that Platinum, but it should be easier than Street Fighter IV. The game releases later this month, and it will come in with a 250 GB Slim bundle as well for select territories.

DJ Hero is Activision’s latest spin-off of its ‘Hero’ franchise. The concept and instrument look very intuitive, but with its price point, I think most of us will be avoiding it. The trophies look very hard, and I’ve read that it is tougher than Guitar Hero, so I doubt many will get all the trophies. There is one trophy that really irritates me though, and has put me off from ever buying the game: ‘Double Trouble: Complete a 2 player one on one local game (DJ v DJ only).’ This is in no way something to be rewarded for, and is clearly a sneaky way of Activision trying to get more sales for its turntable instrument. Since I know nobody here will even think of buying another one just for this trophy, you’ll need a friend living close buy who also gave in and bought the game. This really isn’t a choice for me, so I can cross off DJ Hero from my list for good now…

Seems like the Trophy News well has run a little dry recently after a few fast-paced weeks but with all the “Holiday” releases on the way and a packed Q1 2010 I’m sure it will pick up again before you know it! My favourite trophy of the week is:

Fairytale Fights/ Bronze

Lazy Bastard
Remain in Taleville for more than 15 minutes.

The name says it all…see you next week guys!

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