God of War Collection Trailer

Want to see a trailer for a release you might not even get? Well look below because, courtesy of the US blog, we can now see exactly what the remastered God of War Collection (due next month for North America) will look like. Both games will still have the familiar look of their PS2 originals, but it’s also clear that a lot of work has gone into the remastering process as each looks stunningly sharp.

So here’s what we’re missing: God of War and God of War II in full HD, running at 60fps and featuring 2x anti-aliased graphics all on one Blu-ray disk. Oh, there are also trophies. And a demo of God of War III. Which we won’t even get access to. Humph. Watching the trailer below reminds me of just how fantastic and perfect the two games really are. As there still haven’t been any announcements about a European release yet, let’s hope we’ll see something early next year.