PSP 2 in 2010?

I’ve not heard of BrightSideOfNews before, but when a site runs with the headline: “Sony PSP2 arriving in 2010, features PowerVR SGX543 graphics” it’s worth taking note.  In the article, which we’re marking as a rumour, they claim that the PSPgo is merely a stop-gap for what they’re calling the PSP2, which will be powered by a PowerVR SGX543 graphics chip.  The site says that “Sony begun work on PSP2 back in 2008” and “unofficially announced the selection of graphics hardware” presumably referring to this press release from ImgTec.

And if the sources are to be believed, the PSP2 will be one heck of a visual powerhouse.  “According to the sources close to heart of the company,” says BrightSideOfNews, “the SGX543 for PlayStation Portable 2 can reach theoretical performance of desktop graphics cards released during this year.” They continue, “Sony could go with quad-core setup at 400MHz, paired with a dual-core CPU based on ARM Cortex architecture. This would put Sony direct in line against Tegra-powered Nintendo DS2, PowerVR-based Apple’s iPhone 4G and Palm Pre2.”

Nintendo DS2, iPhone 4G?  Am I really that far out of the loop?  “We also learned of the PSP2 planned release date, but in order to protect our sources, we’ll keep that information for another story,” concludes the site. “Let’s just say it is within the next 12 months.”