PAIN Developers Victims Of “Sony Budget Cuts”?

Idol Mind’s Sony PS3 exclusive PAIN has been a perennial PSN favourite since its release in 2007. Bolstered by almost continuous expansion packs, the catapult simulator is always a favourite round our way after a couple of scoops.  Not that that happens anymore, mind, because I’m currently teetotal, but you get the idea.  Regardless, Kotaku’s Brian Crecente is reporting tonight that due to what the article calls “Sony budget cuts” the developers of the game, Idol Minds, have been hit with a series of redundancies.

“The layoffs at the company, based in Louisville, Colorado between Boulder and Denver, have been coming in waves,” Kotaku says, “with the latest impacting 17 employees.  In total, 26 of the staff of once 46 have been let go.”  I don’t know what the so-called budget cuts are referring to, but as far as I know Sony is the only source of income for Idol Minds right now, and I’m not aware of the studio working on anything else, with the team declaring that PAIN “demonstrates the current evolution of our company and its goals.”