Trophy World 22/10/09


Wow, has it been eight weeks already? Time sure flies when you have so much to play, eh? Welcome back to Trophy World guys! Following the trend recently, things have been rather quiet on the trophy front, but we have four lists for your enjoyment this week:


Highlights of the week are Mushroom Wars, MX vs ATV Reflex and, surprisingly, Dark Void! Mushroom Wars is the seventh (!) title from Creat Studios on the PSN, and it seems like a good game to pick up and play for 5 minutes. The trophies look nice, making you try out all the different things the game has to offer. Sadly, there is only single-player and local multiplayer, no online. This game is certainly a priority for me to buy once I acquire the funds for it, the reviews so far show that it’s better than your average PSN game.

MX vs ATV Reflex is the fourth entry in the series by THQ, promising real-time terrain deformation and a new “dual-stick” control scheme, where you use the left stick to steer your vehicle and the right stick to throw your rider’s body weight around. Seems like you can get the Platinum for just finishing through the Campaign. Should be a fun game for those of you into the more arcadey type of racing. It comes out later this year, around December I believe.

I couldn’t believe this one, and still don’t know how this was possible, but apparently someone already has Dark Void. It’s a new game from Capcom, which focuses on aerial combat and flying using jetpacks! The game was delayed to next year, so it’s clear that the game is almost complete, and was trying to avoid the holidays due to either Modern Warfare or the recession. The trophies mainly focus on ‘Complete xxx’, but there are some trophies for completing other tasks as well. All in all, I look forward to trying the game out next year, hopefully there will be a demo to whet my appetite.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

Dark Void/ Bronze

Grand Theft…UFO?
Grand Theft…UFO? – Hijacked 20 UFOs

Excellent homage right there. Nice to see some developers taking their time and naming some trophies imaginatively. See you next time!

Trophy world is a regular feature written for TheSixthAxis by our resident trophy expert, Zuler.