Uncharted: The Motion Comic

UC Motion Comic

For those interested in the offerings of Naughty Dog, you’ll more than likely be aware that an Uncharted Motion Comic is coming very soon. This will be a four part story, the first of which being free, where Drake will team up with a known criminal in order to raise funds for his adventures from Drake’s Fortune. Drake is turning into an anti-hero by the sounds of things. The four-parter has been skillfully illustrated by Marco Castiello; if you are a comic fan then you have surely heard his name in connection with Witchblade. They promise that familiar faces from both games will make an appearance and some new faces will vie for Drake’s affection.


Each episode will last approximately 5 mins and the first one will be free, with subsequent episodes costing $2.99 (so £2.99 maximum surely?). Now the upsetting part is that there is no word yet as to when it will be hitting our PSN Store, but in the US Store, you can pick up the first episode as of today. The following episodes will all be released throughout Novemeber.

But, in the mean time, Sony and Naughty Dog have created an example video for us. The motion comic below is of the Drake’s Fortune intro movie. It is not the first episode of the actual motion comic series.

Source: IGN