Uncharted 2: DLC Coming Soon

UC2 banner

Naughty Dog have said that Uncharted 2 is ‘exceeding expectations’. Come on Naughty Dog, don’t be so modest. Uncharted 2 has out sold Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune ‘many times over’ and with one of the highest Metacritic scores of all time, we’ll forgive you for shouting your brilliance from an expertly rendered rooftop!


But the misbehaving canines have also said that DLC for Uncharted 2 will be with us by ‘the end of the year’. We can expect to see new maps and new characters according to Creative Director, Amy Hennig. The cost of this DLC is yet to be announced, as are the full details, but Mrs. Hennig did say that some of this will be free. We all like a bit of free DLC, don’t we? Even more good news though as apparently they have a whole team working on follow-up content and according to Amy, this includes some ‘really cool stuff that people will be excited about’.

Considering a lot of people were sceptical about how MP would work within the Uncharted world, including myself, they appear to be pulling out all the stops to make sure it is as tight as the game itself.

Source: MCVUK