Frogger Hops Onto The PSN


Everyone in the world must know Frogger by now. It’s a simple concept: Get the frog from one side of the road to the other, safely. It now appears that everybody’s second favourite amphibian, the first being Kermit obviously, is getting a make over and heading for the PSN, and Wiiware, very soon. Frogger Returns, as it’s officially called, is being created by Konami and, alongside the usual high-way scene, you will now have to guide your green creature across crocodile infested swamps, tube stations and rat-ridden sewers.


“Frogger Returns will be 12 times bigger than the original” says Konami. That’s not exactly difficult but we’ll chalk that up as a plus. The second bonus for this re-imagining is that it will feature something that has been forgotten by a lot of developers as of late: Offline multi-player. So, invite your friends round and save the doomed Frogs from everything from Cars to Rats and Trains to Snakes. Also, you will now be able to collect power-ups, which will include elements such as ‘slow time’, ‘reverse time’ and ‘invincibility’.

Will he be able to cross over to the new age?…Will he get run down by poor gameplay?…Will it be un-frog-ettable?…I’ll get my coat! But before I go here are some screens for your enjoyment.