God Of War 3 Demo On Blu-Ray Of District 9


Before you get all excited, I need to give you the vague news first. It is unclear whether this is a US thing or a general addition to all regions. As you have probably guessed by the very self-explanatory headline, District 9 on Blu-Ray will be coming with a God of War III demo. I have checked lots of UK sources and all of them are quoting a similar release date to the US, which is currently the end of December. However, all of these sources seem to be neglecting to mention anything about the God of War demo in the ‘special features’ section.

Due to the fact that the God of War Collection, which also comes with a demo, is a US product only, I am leaning toward thinking that we will not be getting this particular District 9 Blu-Ray extra. But, if it is announced that we lowly Europeans are getting it, we will let you know and you will have two reasons to buy the Blu-Ray version of the film; the first reason being that the film is absolutely amazing.

It is also worth mentioning that upon completetion of said demo, you will unlock a God of War III: ‘Making of Featurette’.

Source: Joystiq