Trophy World: 29/10/09


Welcome back to Trophy World! It’s been a great week for trophies! Two highly anticipated lists were revealed, along with quite a few others:

As you should have guessed by now, the two lists I was referring to above was none other than Assassin’s Creed II and God of War Collection! I don’t think Assassin’s Creed II needs any introduction. The first game was a big hit, and while it may have been a bit over hyped in my opinion (I found it really repetitive and stopped playing after the 4th or 5th assassination), the sequel looks to improve on it’s flaws and add a lot of variety and various other things. The trophy list is superb. Clearly a lot of time went into making it, and my only complaint is that I wish they had hidden the spoilerific silver and gold trophies. It’s isn’t that much of a spolier, it is rather vague, but I’m sure many may feel that the game has been partially spoiled for them. I really like the bronze trophies for doing miscellaneous things, and my prediction that there would be trophies for exploring the underground tombs came true. I did though expect maybe a few more tombs, but maybe you only get trophies for some tombs, and not all. All in all, a great list, but I really did wish they changed the names for some of the trophies to avoid spoilers.


God of War has been a staple franchise for the PS2, with the second one pushing the limits of what was capable on the platform. Now, Sony are releasing both GoW 1 and 2 on one Blu-Ray disc for PS3 owners, remastered in HD. Though I’m sure the main thing you’ll all be interested to know is that the game has two platinums. That’s right, two, one for each game. And at a bargain price of $40, it’s sure to become a holiday hit, especially for those like me who never experienced the first two games. The game won’t be coming out this side until at least next year, but importing is always an option, since the PS3 is region-free. I like the lists, they make you collect all the different things, and obviously you’ll receive mt of the trophies for just playing through both games. You’ll be delighted to know that they haven’t included a trophy for beating the game on the highest difficulty, but I’ve been told that the golds are still going to be a challenge, especially the ‘Challenge of the Gods/Titans’ golds. I can’t wait to play the game, it’s certainly going to be one heck of a ride.

Lastly we have Bayonetta. The game is about a witch who has lost her memory and fights enemies that are various types of angels. It looks and feels very similar to Devil May Cry, especially in regards to its frantic pace. The game just released in Japan, and reports say that the game’s dialog and menu is in English, so it’s entirely an option to import it if you want to experience the game before it’s released here in the first quarter of next year. The trophies are rather nice, with quite a few of them hidden as well. They also give a good idea of the weaponry Bayonetta will have at her disposal. It is unfortunate though that the PS3 version is being handled by Sega which has resulted in the PS3 version being the inferior one. The Xbox version on the other hand was the 1st game on the 360 to ever receive a perfect 40/40 from Famitsu, while the PS3 version scored 38/40. I really loved Devil May Cry 4, with my only problem being the ridiculous amount of repetition, but clearly that doesn’t exist in Bayonetta. Therefore, I really am disappointed that we won’t be getting the same level of brilliance that Xbox owners will, but no matter, you should buy it either way.

Now for the first bit of news in quite a while. The PlayStation Blog recently had a chat with BioWare, the guys behind Dragon Age: Origins. They mentioned that the trophies and achievements will be the same, so you can take a sneak peek of them here.

My favourite trophy of the week is:


Naughty Tentacles
Destroy all the tentacles that drop down together during a single sequence in Chapter 9.

I pray that I don’t need to explain what that means…see you next week!