Bayonetta Day One Sales: PS3 vs Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta is the superior version: developed by Platinum Games as the lead platform, the 360 version shares none of the PS3 version’s graphical glitches and issues, but would the Japanese public bear this in mind when making their purchasing choice?  Well, the first day sales are in, and it looks like visual fidelity is high up on the wish list of the Eastern gamer, with 45,000 Xbox 360 copies sold against 93,000 copies on PlayStation 3.

This might look like a victory for the PS3 version, and on paper it does, but remember that the PS3 normally outsells Microsoft’s console in that particular territory by a factor of 10.  In comparison, the other dual format title released yesterday, Tekken 6, sold considerably better on Sony’s platform, shifting 79,000 PS3 copies over the 360’s 22,000.  Elsewhere, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars sold just 5,100 units.  Shame, as it’s a brilliant game, as seen by our glowing 9/10 review last week.