God Of War 3: Demo For Europe (UPDATE #2)

Sony has remembered it has customers in the EU! I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence. Exciting news for all you God of War fans in PAL territories. The EU Playstation Blog has just updated with a post that has made me 10 times more excited than Zuler on a good day! For those of you who don’t know our resident trophy-hunter, that’s very excited. Enough of me rambling, you want the facts, don’t you?

Well, first off, if you are signed up to receive e-mail newsletters from SCEE, then you are in with a chance of winning one of a limited number of God of War 3 demo codes. They have advised us to keep an eye on our inbox’s over the weekend. If you get one, you can download from the PSN instantly. The bad news is if you haven’t signed up to these newsletters, doing so now will not put you in contention for a code.


The second piece of information that Thach Quach, the game’s EU Software Product Manager, has brought us is that the EU WILL be getting the special God Of War Collection, which contains the previous 2 games in HD with trophy support and the demo too. If this isn’t exciting you by now, then you are dead! Of course, many of us have already pre-ordered the US version, but this means more and more people can enjoy the best game franchise ever, in my opinion. If you haven’t worked out by now, I’m a God of War fanboy!

UPDATE #1: I apologise for the above paragraph. It turns out I needed to take a deep breath and count to ten! What Mr. Quach actually said was that they will also be announcing the God of War 3: Ultimate Edition (not GoW Collection).

UPDATE #2: Mr. Quach has since been responding to questions on the blog and regarding the God Of War Collection, he has said:

Everything regarding the PAL version of the God of War Collection and God of War III special edition will be unveiled later. Bear with me on this, I won’t let European consumers down, that’s for sure!

Sounds like the EU may well be getting the collection after all!


It is worth mentioning that Thach has also said, in regards to the recent District 9 Blu-Ray story, that this is for North America only. They will let us know if they do something similar here in the EU. SCEE will announce all the details very soon and Mr. Quach has said that we will not be disappointed at all.