Polyphony ‘Confirm’ Track Editor

Apparently Polyphony Digital are going all out with Gran Turismo 5 and are planning to include a track editor.  I wasn’t aware that rumours were flying around either way on this one but it appears there has been some talk.  “Yes it will have a track editor,” said the developers to E4G. “You will be able to rebuild a track from scratch or edit the tracks that are already put in Gran Turismo 5.”

I don’t want to sound like a miserable sceptic, but I’m having a hard time believing that Polyphony skipped the usual strictly controlled PR route for this one and revealed something new to a blog.  Also, how exactly do you ‘rebuild a track from scratch?’  I’m guessing if there is a track editor in GT5, it’ll simply be an option to remove a GP corner or some other minor change – don’t expect ModNation Racers here.

Thanks, Ghostviper, colmshan1990.