Microsoft Launch Reward Pilot

Microsoft have today launched a pilot for their ‘Reward Points’ program. Whilst those with Playstations are used to purchasing digital content with actual money, Xboxers have been using points; and what do points make? Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

The reward scheme in question is simple in principle and if it appears to be a viable way of doing things, could be rolled out onto the Microsoft system soon. But what is this scheme? I hear you cry. Well, first off, it will be of more interest if you are a Gold account holder, although Silver accounts will see some rewards too. You will basically be getting extra points for ‘doing the stuff Xbox LIVE members do all the time’, for example, renewing your Gold account on a monthly basis will net you 10 points. Points will also be rewarded for things such as purchasing from the XBL Marketplace and participating in surveys.


The full list of rewards (on the Pilot scheme anyway):

  • Renew 1 month Gold subscription – up to 60 points (10 per renewal)
  • Renew 3 month Gold subscription – up to 60 points (30 per renewal)
  • Renew 12 month Gold subscription – 200 points
  • Subscribe to Netflix – 200 points (Gold accounts only)
  • Make your first purcahse on XBL Marketplace – 100 points (both accounts)
  • Continue to purchase on XBL Marketplace with Gold account – up to 5% on purchases
  • Participate in program surveys – 100 points per survey

The pilot scheme is open to a very limited number of people and has begun today. We’ll keep you psted on the outcome.

Source: Gamasutra