Treats For Kratos, Splinter Cell For, Well…

Everyone loves Kratos, he has an incredibly chavvy tattoo and flounces about in a ripped skirt yet still manages to be totally bad ass. SCEA have revealed the details of the Collectors Edition God Of War III pack which will arrive in a “high-end sculpted replica of Pandora’s Box.” Delve in to Pandora’s Box (!) and you will receive a full-length movie documentary, a code that allows you to download the game’s soundtrack, the obligatory art book and special access to the ‘God of War Combat Arena’, whatever that may be.

This collectors edition has been confirmed for all territories, yes, even us Europeans!


Everyone loves Splinter Cell despite the lack of chavvy tattoos and David Beckham-esque apparel. I’m sure you have been bored to tears on the edge of your seats as fan boys claim the next episode of the game will be coming to PS3. It is not, and neither will be any other Splinter Cell games.

“Until further notice the franchise is staying on Xbox 360,” says the CEO of Ubisoft Montreal, Yannis Mallat. **Pause to allow senior TSA’ers to hum the Wackaday theme song** That seems pretty final then, no more Splinter Cell on PS3 or Nintendo.

“However,” continued Yannis, “I’m only the one making the games, you should talk to the people in Paris.”

Right, thanks for clearing that up. Definitely no PS3/Nintendo Splinter Cell unless Ubisoft Paris change their minds. Hope everyone is perfectly clear on that point and the rumours can stop, Splinter Cell is not coming to PS3 unless someone in Ubisoft thinks it is a good idea. That’s the final decision, until further notice.