On The Stores: 04/11/09

First off, this is going to be a quiet week for the PlayStation Store as the Store team are hard at work on the PlayStation Video Store something dull and unexciting, with normal service being resumed for the 12th.  I wouldn’t expect the Video Store to launch next week though – I’m willing bet this soggy old Digestive Peter left that the Video Store is coming to Europe on the 19th.  So, I’ve no idea what’s due this week for Europe but Military Madness: Nectaris and Numblast are both due on the US Store this week although we’ve had Numblast over here for a while – it’s actually quite a good game for both PS3 and PSP.

If you’re a Rock Band fan you’ll be happy to hear that there’s some decent music this week though: The Foo Fighers join Nirvana in making lots of noise with guitars with “Best of You”, “The Pretender”, “Wheels” and “Word Forward” from the former and “About a Girl”, “Blew” and “School” from the latter.  Additionally,  Joan Jett & The Blackhearts’  “Fake Friends” is out this week too.  Speaking of music, now Peter’s no longer the boss perhaps I can get away with uploading that little song he did for Michael and I over a year ago.

We never got official clearance from the label, but it could appear on YouTube or something accidentally…


Xbox 360 owners are having a great week though – the demo for Left 4 Dead 2 is out (and apparently brilliant – I’m yet to download it for myself) and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (one of my favourite all-time FPS) and Far Cry 2 are both available on the on demand service this week. In terms of new Arcade games, three further episodes of Wallace & Gromit are out – The last resort, Muzzled! and The Bogey Man, all for 800 points each.  Remember that the wonderful Ballad of Gay Tony came out last week (I’m so funny) and American Xbox 360 owners should now have access to Inferno Poolcheck our competition.

I wonder what’s landing on the European PSN on the 10th, though?  It’s apparently something ‘lovely‘ but everyone’s remaining tight lipped… ;)