Sony Still Pushing PSP-3000

Sony are clearly still keen on pushing the classic PSP format, with four new bundles due to land in Japan soon.  Priced at just ¥19,800, the four packs include a case, a cloth, a four gigabyte memory stick and a PSP 3000, available in Piano Black, Pearl White, Vibrant Blue, and Radiant Red according to AndriaSang.  In addition, the Japanese giant is also re-issuing the previously limited Monster Hunter pack at an almost budget price of ¥18,500 which will feature the Vibrant Blue 3000 and a copy of the 3.5 million unit selling Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G.


Personally I’d rather have seen more support for the PSPgo because despite a massive launch title list over in Japan Sony need to continue to show the public that they’re absolutely focused on continuously delivering digitial download titles.  In recent weeks the games available for European owners have dried up somewhat slowing down to a rather disappointing trickle of new releases rather than concentrating on the extensive back catalogue of brilliant PSP games.  UMD needs to be quietly shelved and let’s see the Go the centre of Sony’s attention.