Trophy World: 5/11/09

Trophy World

Welcome back to Trophy World! It was a quieter week on the trophy front, but we still have some goodies for you:

Highlights of the week are Dragon Age: Origins, Band Hero and Lego Rock Band. Dragon Age: Origins is the upcoming multi-platform role-playing game from BioWare, the guys behind Mass Effect and its upcoming sequel. BioWare have a great reputation for making addictive RPGs, and this game seems to be no different. With glowing early reviews, the game is clearly a must-have if you’ve desperately been wanting some RPG action on your console. The trophies look similar to Sacred 2 in the respect that getting the Platinum trophy will mean at least 6 playthroughs. This is definitely a game that will keep you occupied for quite a while, especially if you’ll be going for that coveted Platinum.


Lego Rock Band is the newest iteration of the Rock band franchise from Harmonix. The game is clearly aimed towards a younger audience, but with ‘Final Countdown’ included in the soundtrack, I expect many of you will pick this up, and put the blame on your kids (I’m looking at you cc_star…). The trophies follow the same ‘format’ as Rock Band 2, some for playing through the story, some for miscellaneous things, and with the infamous Endless Setlist making an appearance as well. It should be easy for those of you with a bladder of steel…

Band Hero is another ‘Hero’ from Activision. I’m honestly getting a little sick of this, it’s very apparent that Activision are just milking the ‘Hero’ name at this point. The game is exactly the same as Guitar Hero 5, except with a soundtrack with tweens in mind, with artists like Taylor Swift making an appearance. The trophy list looks easily achievable, with a focus evidently on Vocals. So if you can’t sing, you may find it to be a bit tougher than you expected.

Now for some very exciting news about Heavy Rain’s trophies! Our own Djhsecondnature (Davs) was at the Eurogamer Expo this weekend, where David Cage, producer of Heavy Rain, demonstrated a live demo of the game, playing through the shopkeeper scene. If you’ve been trying to avoid any details of the game, I suggest you skip this paragraph. The shopkeeper scene, as we all know, can have many different outcomes, and David showed that by trying out a few of the different possibilities. David exposed himself by stepping on a packet of crisps, which alerted the robber to his presence. He tries to reason with him, asking if he has any children. ‘Yes, I have a little girl’, he revealed. He then convinces the robber to peacefully leave the store. A trophy then popped up-‘Negotiator’. It’s fairly obvious that he got that for playing through the scene in that particular way. After he finished, he allows a Q&A session, and fortunately someone asked about the trophies. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m not sure I want people to play the game 10 times. I know that’s weird to say for a game creator, but I like the idea you play it once and you never know what would have happened if you’d played differently, because that’s what life is about. But yes, if you play all the paths you’ll probably end up getting all the Trophies.”

Gathering from this and the trophy he unlocked, it’s safe to say that all trophies should be about finishing a scene in a particular manner. The interesting thing to note  here is whether they will all be secret trophies or will they all be revealed from the get go, giving the player an idea of what to do. Knowing David Cage’s philosophy, I can assure you they will all be secret. But hey, at least you know one trophy…

My favourite trophy of the week was:

God of War Collection/ Bronze

Rockin’ the Boat
Complete the Sex Mini-Game

It deserved a mention, I apologise to those who were offended (no one I’m sure). See you next week!