Online Create Next Up For LittleBigPlanet

Regular LittleBigPlanet players will have noticed that the game was patched to version 1.20 over the last couple of days – that one’s not the interesting one with most authorities on the game citing future DLC as the reason for the update.  No, it’s what’s next that’s the good stuff: version 1.21 is the fabled ‘Leerdammer’ patch, which is rumoured to unlock the much anticipated Online Create mode.

Hopefully then, within a few weeks, the guys at Media Molecule (along with everyone beta testing it) will have cracked the troublesome mode (which was, you’ll remember, meant to be part of the game at launch) and we’ll be able to work together in creating.  There’s no date locked in for this yet, but let’s hope the Guildford based developers have got this one nailed before releasing it on the general public.