UK PS3/360 Charts: Week Ending 7th Nov

It’s the last week of the charts before we see a certain FPS take them by storm. So, what have you been buying this week? There are two new entries across both systems and a flagging football franchise. 

UK PS3 Chart: Week ending 7th November:

PES 2010 may have knocked Uncharted 2 off of the top and then kept everyone at bay for a second week, but who’s laughing now? PES has slipped to number 5 whilst FIFA 10 climbs back up to number 1 (that game seems to be amazingly popular) and Drake has climbed two conveniently placed ledges to get back to 2nd place. The number 3 slot is taken up by the PS3’s only new entry: Ratchet and Clank and DJ Hero climbs into the PS3 Top 10 for the first time since it’s release. Batman Watch: Batman is gone from the top 10. Goodbye Batman, we’ll miss you.

PS3 711

360 Chart: Week ending 7th November:

PES 2010’s downfall is even more spectacular on the 360; it’s now sitting at the bottom of the chart. Xbox’s highest new entry comes in the shape of Dragon Age: Origins (whose adverts were quite impressive, if I do say so myself). The rest of the chart is, again, similar to the previous week and Forza 3 is still holding strong at the top.

360 711

We all know what’s coming next week; If both charts aren’t dominated by a game that goes by the nickname ‘How Much?!’, then I will eat my hat and put it up on YouTube for you all to see.

Source: Chart Track