Greed Corp Announced

Press releases are funny things. They’re usually dry and boring but we love seeing them arrive. I suppose it’s just because we love hearing about new stuff!  So this afternoon’s press release on behalf of W! Games has given us a little wave of happiness. Obviously we have no idea if the game they’re announcing will be any good, we’re just happy to hear it being announced.

Greed Corp is coming to the PSN and XBLA (and PC) in early 2010. It is a turn based strategy game based on four factions competing for domination in a feudal world ravaged by industrial consumption (if I’m reading the PR right). I will include innovative mechanics of “land-collapsing” which is set to alter the strategic landscape, enabling you to destroy the land from underneath your enemies if you can’t be contented with just destroying your actual enemies.


Sounds pretty interesting and from the screenshots and video below it looks quite nice too.