MW2 Trophy Patch Soon

So, you’ve bagged your super cheap copy of the years most expensive game? If you’re signed in to the PSN when you boot the game up there will be a patch ready for you to download. This 1.01 patch was just a bug fix but unfortunately it has introduced another bug where Trophies aren’t being awarded.

There are rumours that re-booting your PS3, ejecting the game disk, even deleting the 1.01 patch will bring Trophies back, I’ve tried all them and none of them worked for me. Infinity Ward however have posted on NeoGAF that they have fixed the Trophy issue and the patch will be available as soon as they can get it to us.



Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has let everyone know that the Trophy patch is already produced and is expected ASAP, and that a fix for the invite system will be with us by Friday. Cool.

Thanks: AndyTorr