SCEE Fix The PSPgo Rewards Issue

There’s nothing wrong with a rant, especially when it’s towards SCEE and their silly, silly ways.  You’ll remember, then, the story we ran about the PSPgo Rewards program which was, in all honesty, a bit shit.  You had no idea when you’d get your codes (mine was nearly a week’s wait) and if you’d entered the code on your PS3 the games wouldn’t work on your Go because Sony seemed to limit the number of machines to just one, and thus the PSN thoughts your PS3 was a PSP, your PC was a Mac and your dog was a cat.

Thankfully, they’ve now fixed it, and re-issued redemption codes for the program.  TSA reader Mick939 has let us know that he’s gotten an email from SCEE that gave him new access to the Rewards area of the PSN Store and an extension on the expiry date of the game he was having problems with.  It didn’t work first time, of course, but the game appeared in his download queue and seems to have installed just fine. Jolly good, SCEE.  Now go and drop the price a bit.