Trophy World 12/11/09

Welcome back for another week in the world of trophies! Not much action again this week, but considerably better than last time:

Highlights of the week are 3D Dot Game Heroes, Military Madness: Nectaris and Darksiders. 3D Dot Game Heroes is one game I’m personally very excited for, simply because it looks eerily similar to Nintendo’s Zelda games, but with an adorable Lego brick art-style. This RPG is also from From Software, the same guys behind the devilishly difficulty Demon’s Souls. If you recall, Demon’s Souls was set to be only released in Japan, but was later picked up for publishing by Atlus. A while back the Official PlayStation Twitter tweeted that the game would in fact be coming to the US at least, but they neglected to mention the publisher. I’m really glad that this game will be released outside of Japan, because the only Zelda game I ever played (Phantom Hourglass on the DS) was so brilliant it was ridiculous! The trophies look easy, but the bulk of them are secrets, so we’ll have to wait until someone unlocks them to get a better idea of what one has to do to get that prestigious Platinum.


Military Madness: Nectaris is a remake of the classic game of the same name released on the TurboGrafx-16. It released on the US PlayStation Store last week, though it’s unknown when the game will be coming this side. The trophies look ok, nothing too special about them. They don’t look easy though.  There is a demo of the game up on the US Store if you wish to try it out. I myself found it pretty fun, but I know the game will get much harder after those first few levels, so I will be skipping it for now.

Lastly, we have Darksiders, the new Action/ Adventure game from THQ. There honestly seems to be a lot of these types of games releasing next year, what with this, God of War III, Dante’s Inferno and Bayonetta to enjoy in the first quarter. I really like what has been shown of the game so far, and I especially love that you will be fighting the last boss with a portal gun (yes, in homage to the brilliant game from Valve, Portal)! The trophies look good, with all the golds being awarded for completing the game on the respective difficulty. The trophy names are pretty funny too, something which is always a welcome effort from the developers. Seeing as how most people have indeed been comparing it to Devil May Cry and God of War, I don’t find that a bad thing at all, and personally can’t wait to play the game next year.

This week I have quite a lot of trophy-related news to share with you, so please bear with me! First, any of you recall that trophy list for Call of Duty: Classic? It had a very odd number of trophies, and I highly doubted it was the actual list. Well, after the game was released on Tuesday,  and we have the actual list here. The game is technically the 5th PSN game to ever have a platinum, coming in after Warhawk, WipEout HD, Trine and Hasbro Family Game Night. The list looks very similar to Modern Warfare 2’s and World at War’s, but I’m sure for many that won’t be a complaint, as I know CoD games are the most common for people to achieve the Platinum on. The game even has 8-player online multiplayer, but I highly doubt anyone will be  on it since I’m sure most of you will be playing MW2…

So, who here is importing the God of War: Collection? If you’re really tempted by those two platinums for that bargain price (of couse you must be!), then shift your eyes over to this video to help you out with one of the gold trophies when you get your hands on the game:

Lastly, I have some news about Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Would you like to make a trophy/achievement for DICE? The best one will get selected and put in the game, with wit being the main criteria for success. I’m sure if either Nofi or Colossalblue entered this, they would have theirs chosen for the game, simply because their humour is unmatched in my opinion. Anyways, I hope I haven’t discouraged you, you can still send your ideas using their official site. Also, since they mention ‘achievement/ trophy’, it’s clear both lists will be the exact same.

My favourite trophy of the week is:

3D Dot Game Heroes/ Platinum

Congratulations !
Congratulations! Thanks for playing up till here.

Clearly they’ve hinted at the fact there will be a lot of grinding, but if it plays anything like Zelda, I expect to really try and get that platinum, simply because Zelda never gets old… see you next week!