SCEE Remove COD Classic

The fact that Call of Duty: Classic appeared on the EU PSN Store on Tuesday wasn’t a surprise, SCEE’s Mike Kebby had been teasing ‘something special’ for the 10th for a while.  What is surprising is that it shouldn’t have.  “For those who have noticed the issue regarding Call of Duty: Classic, we were advised that the game should have only been available as a voucher, and not widely available for the public,” said Kebby, “so we had to remove it from the store. Apologies for this, but there was a miscommunication between us and the publisher.”

The HD remake of the original Call of Duty was originally only meant to be available for those that pre-ordered the special editions of Modern Warfare 2, so the removal seems reasonable.  However, that’s some miscommunication when it comes with a retail price, too.  “If you bought it, you keep it, simple as that,” said Kebby, “it’s just not going to be available for the wider public at the moment.”  If it’s available later, once the MW2 hype dies down, there’s much less chance of people buying it.  Still, nice little balls-up there from someone.