Online Play Coming To Adhoc PSP Games

adhocParty has been available in Japan for some time now, but the cool little PS3 app that lets you play adhoc-only PSP games online is coming soon to Europe.  The software, which enables text and voice chat across the internet on previously only local-play portable titles is actually rather cool – there are 10 worlds, each with 64 ‘houses’ inside (think Everybody’s Golf) in which you can meet up with other PSP gamers and then jump into PSP games together.


At launch, compatible titles will include Gran Turismo, Resistance Retribution, Monster Hunter and Dissidia Final Fantasy, with the full line-up to be revealed soon.  The software, which requires a wired connection from your PS3 to your internet, will be free and hopefully out before the end of the year.  If you’re keen, it’s perfectly easy to grab the Japanese version already and use it that way – English speaking gamers tend to populate world 10, house 64 – although the menus will need some translation.