SCEE Holding Back Ultimate Alliance DLC?

The European PSN Store updates have been a source of much frustration for some since their inception.  European consumers have been frequently disgruntled with the notion that the reason we haven’t been able to buy something that, for example, our American cousins are is constantly put down to the responsbility of the publisher or develope rather than SCEE, and the recent omission of DLC for Ultimate Alliance 2 is one such example.

SCEE’s Mike Kebby is responsible for the public perception of the Store, and his weekly blogs on Thursdays are often the source of much discussion.  When asked by PSN user ‘Mallery’ where the Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC was in the comments of this week’s blog update, Kebby replied with the usual “it can’t be missed off if it’s not submitted to us for publish on that date,” inferring that SCEE hadn’t gotten the DLC from the publisher for publication.


However, this doesn’t tie in with the official word from the developers. “I think someone is pulling your leg here,” says an administration on the Vicarious Visions ‘Hero HQ’ Forums. “If Sony Europe didn’t receive the DLC, they would have contacted us before the American DLC was released. We sent all our DLC through the necessary channels some time ago.”  So who’s at fault here, given that the US DLC is now available to download?

At the time of going to press the last word from Vicarious Visions was “we’re looking into what’s going on and will have information soon” although there’s been nothing since.  SCEE’s closed shop approach wasn’t initially working, but it seems that since the European Blog started up the lack of information has been just as troublesome with Kebby’s responses often frustrating those that just want simple answers that he can’t give.

Getting companies and individuals to speak openly on Store Updates is tricky (trust me, I’ve tried) so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Thanks, Hazalam.