Dead Space 2 To Have Online Mode?

As if one wasn’t enough, another game is currently having the “online?” rumor thrown around. It’s Dead Space 2’s turn as a job listing for EA Redwood is looking for “a highly motivated Senior Online Level Designer for the Dead Space franchise on Xbox360 and PS3”. There’s really not much more confirmation needed after you see something like that written.

As an extra, at the bottom of the page is a description of the project which tells a lot.

This M-rated action/shooter sequel will set new standards for an action-packed story-driven console experience. Our team values are as follows: Gameplay comes first, controller feel is everything, culture of creativity, be highly iterative, playtest early and often, learn from failure, work fast and smart, and surround ourselves with the best talent in the world.
The previous installment in the Dead Space franchise received numerous awards for gameplay, visuals, and sound design, and the same core team is in place to create an even better follow up.
The game is in the later stages of pre-production, ready for production in the next few months, with many of the navigational and combat mechanics in place. We have complete autonomy and creative control over our own decisions. The Games Label at EA is 100% committed to this IP, and has already worked on IP extensions such as comic, animated features, and action figures.
We’re looking for a few more talented individuals to join, and take the game to new heights.

Interesting, no?