How To Remove Wipeout HD’s Adverts

To be honest, I’ve never really had a problem with WipEout HD’s in-game advertising but some aren’t happy with the pre-loading ones that increase the time taken to actually get into a game.  As far as I can tell the adverts are less intrusive here in Europe than they are in the US, but still, you’ve paid your money for a game, why should it then be peppered with advertising?

Well, according to this chap on the EU Forums, it’s really rather simple to remove them from your game.  “Simply make sure you are offline while you start the game,” he says, “only sign in after the entire intro sequence has completed. That’s it.”  Apparently the ads are downloaded at the beginning during the intro sequence, and assuming you have a fresh install of the game there’s no way they can be downloaded.


“This is perfectly legal and does not violate any terms of use,” he concludes.