Peggle On The Way

Overnight whilst you were sleeping something great happened, something so brilliant and exciting I quite literally cannot wait until Thursday’s US store update – Peggle is coming to the PSN. Michael Santora from PopCap Games announced on the PS Blog the unbelievable news that it’s coming this week, well… in the US at least as unfortunately nothing has been announced just yet for Europe. The great news doesn’t stop there though as Peggle Nights with its extra Adventure and Challenge modes is also being released as downloadable content.

For anyone who doesn’t know, PopCap make awesomely addictive games and Peggle is right up with the all-time best, I dread to think how many hours and minutes have flown by whilst I try and beat my score in some of the games many modes. In addition to the ultra-addictive gameplay found on the PC and iPhone, the PS3 release, inline with the Xbox 360 version will feature online modes of Peg Party and Duel modes, however coming exclusively to the PS3 version is built in YouTube support so you can share your amazing or just plain lucky shots with the world.


For anyone who’s not played Peggle, the vid below doesn’t begin to let on just how awesomely addictive this game is, roll on Thursday.