Pachter: ‘Xbox Platinum Subscriptions’

You may recall that gamings very own Mystic Meg claimed that Micosoft would be doubling the price of a Gold subscription. He has changed his mind,

“I think legitimately that $50 is really cheap for Xbox Live,” said Pachter, “I doubt that they’ll raise price $50 more across the board; rather, I expect that they’ll raise the price by $10 or so for the “gold” membership, and strip out a few features from gold and add them to “platinum” for $100 or so.  Gold members will decide whether to upgrade or drop out.”

“While I think that they will certainly lose some members, their overall revenues will rise, fueling the addition of even more value added services.  I think that the fact that prices haven’t risen since 2001 should be an indication to their subscribers that prices are going up in the future.

“I threw out $100 as a stalking horse, and don’t actually know where prices are going, but know that they are going up.”

Source: IndustryGamers