Gravity Crash Gets Release Date

The countdown at the top of the site, that’s been there for over a week?  It’s counting down towards what would have been the big reveal for Gravity Crash – release date, pricing and details on what to expect next week.  Sadly, part of this news was released early today on the EU PlayStation Blog, unaware that a number of sites (including us, obviously) were aiming for the news to be kept locked away tight until tomorrow.

So, yeah, the release date is next Tuesday, and we’ll still run the big reveal tomorrow at 5pm because there’s still a few things you don’t yet know about the release.  In the meantime, check out our exclusive Trophy list and our detailed hands on with the game from earlier in the year – Gravity Crash is all kinds of awesome and you should be very excited indeed for the 24th, when the game is released in America and Europe.