Friday Fight

Seeing as we all like to have a stress-free, fun day on Fridays, I’d like to introduce you to a new feature. It’s silly, it’s pointless, but a whole load of fun; say hello to Friday Fight!

The concept is easy: Each week, you, the TSA members, will get to decide who would win in a fight between two beloved game characters. All you need to do is start off your comment with the name of the character that you think would win and next Thursday I will count them up and pick a new contender for Friday Fight.

The Friday Fight feature kicks of with KRATOS Vs. SOLID SNAKE


Kratos Pros:

  • Angrier than a rabid badger
  • Go-faster stripe for intimidation
  • Two extremely sharp blades seared to his wrists via chains which can be used in all manners of destructive and violent ways
  • Magic powers, including lightning attacks

Solid Snake Pros:

  • Cool-looking eye-patch and bandana
  • Expert in stealth
  • Proficient in use of weapons of varying size and power
  • Access to a tactical advice team

Kratos Cons:

  • Sluggish at times and a little slow
  • Limited attack range
  • Silly beard

Solid Snake Cons:

  • No magic
  • Limited ammo
  • Silly mullet