Kingdom Hearts Not Coming To PSPgo?

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is probably, in Japan at least, one of the biggest PSP games coming to the platform.  Except, if rumours are to believed this morning, it won’t be coming to the PSPgo.  According to the post linked above, there was a demo event in Japan today for upcoming PlayStation titles, with Final Fantasy XIII and the new Kingdom Hearts the centrepieces – however, rumours started to surface, based on pamphlets given out at the event, that the RPG wouldn’t see light of day as a digital download.


Note that there’s only a UMD icon on the leaflet scan above, there should also be a PS Store icon too.  And then there’s this, which according to Duckroll over at GAF, is a tweet referring to the account holder asking staff about Kingdom Hearts’ absence from the Store, where he was informed that there wouldn’t be a download version because of licensing issues with Disney, who have apparently not agreed to online sales of the game.  Let’s hope that all this is sorted out before the game’s release in Japan in a couple of months.

Source: NeoGAF.

Disclaimer: this is clearly marked as a rumour and based off second hand information – we cannot guarantee that a) the above is anything more than rumours and b) this will also apply to Western releases of the game.