Activision: $5 Billion From Sales 2010

I’ve been having a look through the trading websites today and I found a report on Activision. According to analysts at Wells-Fargo, Bob Kotick and chums should make over $5 billion in sales during 2010 and about about $3/4 billion sales from DLC. Note that this is sales revenue, not profit. The juicy gossip is at the end of the report:

“We remain confident Activision can achieve our Q4E non-GAAP sales and EPS of $2.24B and $0.44, even if DJ Hero, Tony Hawk, and Band Hero underachieve…2010 looks like another solid year. Strength in Blizzard to offset decline in music during 2010.”


So it looks like music games are on the way out and Wells-Fargo are already predicting a loss on the poorly reviewed Tony Hawk ‘Ride’. It seems that Modern Warfare 2 sales are propping up quite a few underachieving Activision titles.

Source: StreetInsider