Final Fight Returns


April 2010 sees the rebirth of Capcom classic ‘Final Fight’ as a PSN or XBLA download. The new version will be called ‘Final Fight Double Impact’ and will come packaged with another side scrolling brawler, ‘Magic Sword’, in which you play ‘The Brave One’ (note: not Jodie Foster) and battle the evil forces of Drokmar.


Both games will support either a crisp new HD mode or you can play with the original graphics. They will also have a drop-in online co-op mode and online leader boards.

Final Fight started life as an arcade game in 1989 in which the trio of heroes, Cody, Guy and Haggar battled against the ‘Mad Gear’ gang to rescue the Mayors daughter, Jessica. Haggar is the ex-pro wrestling Mayor, Cody specialised in martial arts and Guy was a Bushin ninja. Quite why Japanese fighting games insist on naming their super hard ninjas “Guy” or “Ken” is beyond me…

“I am Katanga Blade! Ninja Master of the Four Sword discipline, slayer of dragons and lover of a thousand women! Who dare challenges me?”

“Hi.. I’m Bob. Bob the Kung Fu expert.”

Metro City bad guys included Axl & Slash, named after the Guns ‘n’ Roses stars, Holly Wood and.. er.. Sodom.  The Japanese version also featured Poison and Roxy who were a pair of she-males who specialised fighting in high heels.The pair vanished from the western version of the game and were replaced by generic punk boys, Billy and Sid.

I wonder if I can get a gratuitous picture of Haggar in without Nofi checking…

Source: IGN