Left 4 Dead 2 Gets a Server Upgrade

The official Left 4 Dead blog has said that the Left 4 Dead 2 servers have been upgraded, which should result in completely lag-free zombie-slaying (or survivor hunting, if you’re in versus or scavenge). So if you got sick of your bullets seemingly taking public transport to where you’re shooting them you’re probably going to be quite happy.

I’m just on my way to test it out now, so I’ll continue waffling whilst it loads. Do you think the Spitter was a bit, shall we say, free lovin’, in life, hence it turning into something that spits? I mean, I assume the Smoker smoked, and the Boomer was a big fat guy (‘poor fat bastard’), the Hunter, erm, hunted things, the Jockey was probably, well, a jockey, the Charger was a toll booth operator, the Witch was presumably a typical (read: disturbingly underweight and generally horrifying) supermodel, and the Tank was a bouncer. Surely, following this weird ‘logic’, the Spitter had to be a skank?


Anyway, I jumped into a game of survival and it certainly seems completely lag-free. I still died, but I will rest easy knowing that it was completely my fault and not due to by ammunition’s bus being late. Now, if we just had some way to arrange some kind of ‘meet’ via TSA…

Source: Left 4 Dead Blog